Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mountain Safety Council Outdoor Leader assessment and River Safety

After several years of undertaking various courses (Outdoor First Aid, Risk Management, Bush Skills) through the Mountain Safety Council, and submitting a log book of my trips for the last 5 years and going through a workbook - it was finally time for me to do the Outdoor Leader assessment. This involved 5 of us going into the hills with an assessor and showing that we know what to do. It all went fine - we had great weather and it was all pretty easy - so officially I'm now allowed to take the rangers out tramping in the hills.

On the Sunday I did the River Safety course. The weather was pouring with rain, but I guess it didn't really matter as we were getting wet anyway. After all the rain the previous night the river level was pretty high and flowing pretty fast - which meant it was quite strong. We practised crossing the river using various methods and numbers of people, and what to do if you fall in.

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