Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peka Peka Beach - ranger weekend

Jo (the other ranger leader) organised a trip to the beach for the rangers as an end of the year chill out. So we headed out there on Friday night, in a rather dramatic hail storm - not quite what we had in mind. As it was the beach we had to have fish and chips on the Friday night - we just had to eat it inside. Saturday we were woken very early by a rather large earthquake and then went back to bed and had a nice sleep in. The weather finally improved by the afternoon and we headed down to the beach to boogie board in the surf. The water was surprisingly warm and we stayed in the water for a couple of hours. Saturday night the girls helped make a fancy dinner and we all got dressed up. On Sunday we tidied up and headed over to Adrenalin Forest, a high ropes course. There are 7 levels of difficulty, which get higher and harder (more strength and stamina) and 2 of the girls and I made it to level 6 - but were too tired to continue to the final level. I have to admit I was very tired and sore the next few days. But keen to return and finish off the final level - it was pretty fun - lots of flying foxes! Sorry I was too busy having fun to take any photos of the weekend.

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