Friday, January 18, 2013

More work in the garden

Back from summer break and straight back into the garden. I did a bit of destructive landscaping on the bench that was part of the retaining wall in front of the north slope.


Bascially, I removed it and the top layer of wall to make it even straight across. I also added another layer of bricks to help bring the brick wall up to a similar height.


Another thing that has always bothered me was how the top terrace sloped down on one side. It made mowing a pain and was a little dangerous as there was a fairly significant drop down to the bottom. The green house made it a little better, but more could be done.

I had a liberated a bunch of grey blocks when I started digging out the hill for the new retaining wall so I figured out a way to reuse them and level the top terrace. There was a small attempt a retaining wall by the previous owner that I worked off of to build the new wall.

The new wall from below

The wall goes from being one brick high on the left (in the picture above) to four bricks high to the right. Helen was most impressed that I managed to keep it fairly level given the change in height.

And from above

I still have a bit of fill to add to get it a bit more level. it will never be flat, but it is heaps better than it was! The dirt is coming from where I have been digging out the hill for the retaining wall.

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