Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years at Rocks Hut

As the weather forecast for the Kahurangi National Park was looking so nasty, with lots and lots of rain forecast. So instead we headed back up the Dun Mountain track and into the Richmond Range, to Rocks Hut. Aaron joined us and rode his bike to the hut, riding up the Dun Mountain track to Coppermine saddle and then he managed to ride about half of the last 2 kms across to Rocks Hut. He hadn't planned on going tramping, but wanted to test out riding with a pack and some overnight stuff. Helen, however, carried some extra stuff in her tramping pack for him.

Rocks Hut

Aaron rode his bike to the hut

We had dinner and then played cards. Then just before sunset we headed up to the Rocks lookout. We had some great views up to Dun Mountain (famous for the fact that Dunite rock is named after). Interestingly not much vegetation likes to grow on it, so it stands out from the surrounding hills. We also had great views back on the Richmond Range.

Dun Mountain near sunset

Richmond Range

Just on sunset we opened a bottle of bubbly and celebrated the new year (just a few hours early). 

Florian, Dave, Kareen and Helen toasting the new year (a little early)

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