Saturday, June 15, 2013

New floor beginnings

The time has finally come to finish the back half of the house. Heaps of work has gone into planning and preparing for the new floor. Lots of measuring, removing of carpet and trim from the rooms that are going to get the new floor and of course spending of money.

30 boxes of bamboo getting used to thier new home

The floorboards need a few days to get used to their new home so they are sitting in the spare room until they are ready to go down.

The hallway before

The trim around the doorways in the hallway has taken quite a beating of the years so it is getting a fresh coat of paint. All the rooms will get new trim around the bottom as the floor will be quite a bit higher and it will match the front half of the house.

The study nearly ready

The study needs a bit of paint in a few places as well.

Right now I think I'll start in the hallway, then do the study next. Then the bedroom, spare room, laundry and finally if I have enough leftover I'll do the hall closet. I will be making a few more small cosmetic changes that Helen probably won't notice, but they will make me happy.

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