Sunday, June 23, 2013

Winter projects

The wintery weather has encouraged indoor activities. Aaron has been busy in the garage building various wooden items for the house. I have been doing a quilt course over the last few weekends at one of the local sewing shops. I was going to just give it a go - but a friend of mine who has won many competitions with her quilts suggested that I start by going on a course as there are a lot of tips and tricks that make it a lot easier.

Here is the front and back of my first quilt. I am quite pleased that it turned out almost square and almost the right size.... I am not ready to make a simple one without help.

The front - rather bright and colourful.

The back is a little more subdued and you can see the
diagonal quilting lines - almost straight :)

One of Aaron's projects has been to make storages boxes for under the bed. He had a bunch of plywood left over from a project that didn't work out so came up with the boxes as a way to use up the wood. Our bed room is quite small so anything that provides more storage is good.

Boxes under the bed

Box with the lid closed

And with the lid open

And the side table. This started out as a $30 table with metal legs I bought off Trade Me. I removed the legs and cut the top into two pieces. The larger piece became the top of my side table and the smaller piece the shelf at the bottom. I had to buy the wood for the legs but everything else came from the original table.

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