Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Short weekend in Barcelona

Having come all this way I had to spend a couple of days in Barcelona checking out the famous architecture and art from this vibrant and fun city. The highlights were definitely the Sagrada Familia, the half finished basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi, who only lived to see the first part of it finished. Also the Park Guell designed and landscaped by Gaudi as well. There are also lots of other buildings around the city that were designed by Gaudi - getting more and more curvy and alternative as he got older.
The unfinished building site - the construction of the basilica is being funded by the tourists paying to visit

What the final Sagrada Familia should look like - the brown is what is completed and the white is still to be built - it will be a lot taller than it currently is and it already dominates the skyline of Barcelona

The stark crucifixion on one side of the basilica

Inside there is lots of light and it is supposed to represent a forest

The ornate nativity scene on the other side of the basilica from the crucifixion with the tree of life above

The colourful modern stain glass windows

The gate houses at the entrance to Park Guell - they look like gingerbread houses

The plaza with its colourful mozaic covered benches that were surprisingly colourful - lots of musicians and people hanging out on a Saturday afternoon - until it started to pour with rain...

I also visited the Picasso Museum and the Miro Foundation... and there are lots of other famous artists from Barcelona and lots of modern art on display around the city. It was great to just walk around and visit sights like Miramar (I assume the suburb where we live is so named for the same reason).

I'm sure I will be back - to explore Barcelona more some day... have to come back when the Sagrada Familia is finished - if that is in my lifetime...

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