Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Conference in Sitges, Spain

My second conference was in Sitges, a small beach resort just outside of Barcelona. A very nice little informal place - evidently the local nudist and gay resort!
The old church that sits in the middle of Sitges

The beach and promenade

Although it was hotter than Florence at least you could cool off in the sea and I managed to go for a swim every day - very pleasant to swim in the sea without a wetsuit - unheard of in Wellington, even in the middle of summer.

The conference was much smaller than Goldschmidt (only 600 people) - a much more manageable size. Although I still didn't manage to catch up with everyone that I wanted to over the week. It was held in a large hotel and was a great venue with excellent food and the organisers did a great job of providing some local entertainment - including human towers and catalan drummers.
The human towers - only the little kids that climb to the very top where helmets! 

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