Sunday, March 1, 2015


Preparing for the baby provided a bit of an excuse to do some tidying up of a few things around the house.

The study became the baby's room. All the desks and Lego moved out to make way for the cot, change table and nursing chair. I also removed all the bookshelves and repainted the room. The bassinet will start out in the bedroom with us.

Baby's room

I made the change table with bits and pieces left over from the closet.

Change table

At the end of last year I ordered some more kit-set shutters. Last month I put them together and installed them in the other two bedrooms. No more curtains in the house.

More shutters

We also ordered a new front door. The original had warped a bit and didn't seal properly any more. The new door is made of cedar so will hopefully fade with time to look more like the weather boards. I also replaced the balustrade capping with cedar boards as well. The existing cap was pine, painted blue. The paint had begun to chip and peel and wasn't looking so good. This should also silver with time and look more like the other cedar bits.

New front door

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