Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 months

NWell we have moved on from counting in weeks to months. Freya is changing so much. She is very active and loves to stand up and we have bought her a jolly jumper to play in. She is desperately trying to crawl...although at the moment she is just turning around in circles rather than making any real progress forward or backward. She has also discovered her hands and grabs at her toys hanging over her play mat. She enjoys listening to her musical toys and her mum and dad's singing...😉

Freya in her jolly jumper

Hanging out in her bouncer with musical teddy

She just had her 12 week check in with the Plunket nurse and she continues to hug the 90th percentile with her weight...weighing in at 6.68kg (15 pounds), and measuring 61cm length and 42cm head circumference. So she is a "bonny" baby! Just wish she would sleep as well as she eats... She is still not sleeping much during the day, just a couple of 40 minute naps, while at night she sleeps between 1 and 3 hours...but usually around 2 hours, which makes for a rather disrupted night. 

We have had a few new firsts in the last few weeks... Freya was looked after by our neighbour Marlo while we went out for dinner for our wedding anniversary, she has been to the Roxy cinema for the mums and bubs movie. This weekend she will experience her first party, when we have afternoon tea and cake for Helen's birthday and Freya's 3 month milestone.

I am not sure where most of our time goes....we have been catching up with our antenatal group and other friends with babies. We have also been getting out most days for buggy walks around the neighbourhood. We have been doing a baby massage course and we have also been swimming every week and Freya is getting more confident in the water...but still hates to get out and be dressed again.

Having a foot and leg massaged

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