Sunday, August 30, 2015

Out and about

We have had a few glorious cold, clear and calm late winter/early spring days lately so we have been making the most of it going for some nice walks around Wellington. Our buggy that we had on loan got a flat tyre and Freya was getting a little big for the carry cot. So we have started using our bike trailer as a buggy until she is big enough to be towed behind a bike. It is very light and easy to manoeuvre, but a little wide at times for some of the narrow wellington pavements.

The trailer in buggy mode

Testing out the trailer/buggy in the botanic gardens

The camellias, rhododendrons and magnolias are out...

We headed up Mount Kaukau on the weekend. Freya is getting pretty heavy in the sling, so it was hard work going up, and a little tricky coming down with the front pack as I couldn't see where I was putting my feet. Anyway we made it unscathed. The views looking down on the city and the harbour from the top were worth the effort!

Nearing the top

The top of Mt Kaukau. 

We also headed up the Catchpool valley for a picnic at the Orongorongo river. We tried Freya in the sling on the back, which worked pretty well and was much easier to walk. 

Asleep in the forest
Freya's first picnic

Looking forward to summer and more outdoor adventures with Freya. 

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