Wednesday, December 9, 2015

7 months

Summer is here and we are spending lots of time outdoors. Freya is enjoying exploring the garden, with regular visits to the playground, a few walks, bike rides and we finally took her to the beach and played in the sand and dangled her toes in the cold sea.
At scorching bay....

Despite a couple of colds and a vomiting episode, Freya continues to thrive and she was 9.24kg at her weigh in this week, 69 cm long, 45 cm head circumference. Physically she is getting stronger and better at crawling, still mostly commando crawling...but occasional knee crawling. Sh can sit up very well now. She is also starting to pull herself up on people and a few objects. Today she learnt to climb up the stairs in the back yard. Aaron and Ralph are busy building a cupboard to start the baby proofing process in the living room, to put some stuff away behind doors. Judy and Ralph are here for a few more days. Freya is enjoying playing with her granny. 

The Lymans 
Freya sitting in her toy basket

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