Saturday, December 26, 2015

Freya's first Christmas's

Our first family Christmas...Freya's present to her parents was to let them have a lie in until 7:30am. Freya got some lovely Christmas presents of books, a picture, and a music set with maracas, castanets, Tamborine, triangle lots of noise was had. After opening her presents we skyped with nagymama, nagypapa, uncle Andy, cousins Andrea and Annabel in Scotland, who were still having Christmas Eve. 
Freya opening her presents

We headed over to our neighbours for a delicious brunch, then in the afternoon we headed around to some friends for a bbq. We had perfect wellington weather. 

Family Christmas photo
Freya in her summer dress

Then at 6pm we headed to the airport to fly to the US. Freya did really well and managed to get some sleep in the bassinet on the plane, and mum and dad got a few hours as well. After a night on the plane we arrived in the US on Christmas at 7 and a half months Freya has had 2 Christmases due to time differences and datelines....

We are looking forward to catching up with the Lymans over the next week in Phoenix. 

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