Friday, January 22, 2016

Back to work...

9 months has flown by....time to go back to work and earn some pennies. In theory I could take a year off in New Zealand, but I feel like it is the right time to go back, especially as it is a little bit quieter over summer. I have been going to work every couple of weeks over the last 9 months, and doing some work in the evenings to keep me sane...yes you heard that right! So it felt quite normal to go back to work on Monday. 

However for Freya starting crèche was a new experience. She has been a couple of times before Christmas to see what it was like, but only for a couple of hours. After the last few weeks of playing with her cousins we figured she would cope with playing with other little ones, especially the older ones. So she was fine and had a great time playing, but wouldn't sleep, and then she was so tired she wouldn't want (not that she eats much anyway). Aaron had a very frustrating day as he was there with her most of the day. 2nd day was better...we went with a plan, and she slept okay and ate better. 3rd day was pretty good and Aaron left after she went down for her morning nap, and I went in for lunch and afternoon tea. Crèche got her down for one of her naps. She has a little friend who is almost 1 called Hanna, who is at a similar stage to her, crawling and pulling up on things. At lunch they were sitting in their high chairs jibber jabbering away to each other. So hopefully she is starting to get the hang of it. 

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