Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas with the Lymans in Phoenix

We made it.....arrived to a cool, dry and sunny Phoenix. The Oregon Lymans arrived by plane and car over the next few days. Freya seemed immediately at home and enjoyed playing with her cousins, grandparents and uncle and with lots of Millie's toys, although climbing through the coffee table was a favourite game. 
Kortney and Freya
Playing with cousins Akhen and Millie. 

A family trip to the Phoenix zoo was a highlight of the week. Freya's first trip to a zoo. I think she was just as interested in all the people as she was with the animals. 
Giraffes at the Phoenix zoo

We managed a few walks around the neighbourhood, frequenting the local playgrounds, and a couple of hikes in the desert. At the end of the week we had a fun hike and scramble up camelback (along with many others). With great views from the top. 
Helen and Freya next to a teddy bear cholla cacti in south mountain desert park. 

Kendall, Aaron, Freya, Craig, Helen and Kortney at the top of camelback

Aaron and Freya at the top of camelback, looking down the way we came up. 

We had a great week, consuming plenty of Mexican food, catching up with several friends. Thanks to the Phoenician Lymans for hosting us. 

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