Monday, March 14, 2016

10 months

We have had a busy month with lots of visitors...and a very active little girl! Freya has been enjoying having lots of attention. So nice to see James and Becca and Louisa and Christian. 

Freya got her 8th tooth a few weeks ago we are looking forward to a few months of no teething ;). Freya is crawling faster and faster, climbing up the stairs in the garden and pulling up on everything, even things that aren't very stable or don't have much to grab on to. Last week she started to pull up on her trolley and started walking off...she hasn't quite got the hang of steering yet, so lots of crashing in to the walls and furniture, so lots of adjustments in direction required from mum and dad. She is managing to balance for a few seconds at a perhaps we are not far off walking? 

Walking with my trolley
Climbing the stairs.

She seems to be enjoy crèche, and is pretty settled there. She has a couple of friends who have recently started. So she has been helping them settle in. Swimming is also going well, with lots of underwater fun. And Freya managed to successfully ride a tricycle the other day. 

 Riding the tricycle

This parenting is pretty exhausting....even just watching her race around. 

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