Sunday, April 3, 2016

11 months

Kamikaze girl when it comes to going down the slide face first in the playground......but Freya isn't quite walking yet. Very good at pushing her trolley and starting to stand up and let go balancing for a few seconds, or longer if she is distracted. Life is certainly full on...this little girl isn't one for sitting still. The comment from care he was "she is a busy little girl". She is enjoying crèche and has lots of friends and fans....she loves to be outside with the older kids racing around, playing in the sandpit and climbing on stuff, and walking with one of the walkers! 

Her favourite toys at the moment are clothes pegs and a bunch of bottle caps we have been saving....taking them out and putting them into things. She also loves the stacking cups...although they don't stay stacked for very long these days. She also plays with her teddies and soft toys a lot more, putting them in the bassinet with everything else...and giving them the occasional hugs! 


She is also more interested in her books...and not just chewing them. She likes to turn the pages and opening flaps and touching the books that are fluffy and different textures. 

We still struggle with sleeping. But have had the occasional good night where freya has only woken 2 times. Usually more like 3 or 4 still. She struggled to cope with daylight savings....we had a few vEry early starts this last week....

Our stream of visitors continued. Which Freya loves. She loves having someone to pay attention to her and play. So nice to see you Julia. 

Home life is a bit more hectic as Aaron now has a full time job as a achitectural technician in town. He seems to be enjoying the challenge of his new career so far and he has survived the first few weeks. However the house and garden are suffering from a bit of neglect as it is hard to get much done when I'm at home with Freya. Oh is too short to worry about that! 

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