Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Australia Trip – Part 1

It was Australia that we were in wasn’t it? I can’t believe how fast four days can go by! Helen went over early to do some work for NIWA and I flew over on Wednesday. Thursday morning Helen dropped me off at Mount Stromolo with my most prized possession – my singlespeed. I spent the next couple hours exploring the new Stromolo Forest Park. I have to say I am still pretty unimpressed with the place. There is a lot of singletrack, but it definitely is not as good as other places around Canberra. It is very sandy, exposed, rutted, and rough. Someday it might great, but it is going to be a while. The next Scott 24hr Race is meant to be held there, and more than a few people are not happy about that. In fact, the original Mont organiser is going to be running another 24hr race around the same time with Mont as the sponsor. It will interesting to see how that plays out.

After finishing at Stromolo, I met up with Helen, Dave, Georgie, and Lilly for lunch in Kingston. Lilly is over a year old now and growing quickly. After that it was back to Dave’s for a quick shower and little nap before we headed down to Waniassa to meet Andrea and little Adah. She was awfully cute and looked a lot like Lex. I am not real sure how you can be both cute and look like Lex; must be the magic of babies. Just kidding – sorry we missed you Lex.

We left Andrea to get some rest (yeah right!) and headed back to Dave’s again. We grabbed Dave and headed up to Cook for a BBQ at Sarah’s. We were a bit late because of some rental car shuffling (the one we had wouldn’t fit two boxed bikes in the boot). It was good to catch up with the folks from Cook – Andy and Sarah, Andy and Nat, and Daniel eventually.

I am going to break this up over the next few days to make it easier to read and so I don’t have to sit and type it all out at once.

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