Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Australia Trip – Part 2

Friday morning Sarah collected me from Dave’s and we drove out to Sparrow Hill. I had one of best rides out there ever. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going at times; it was amazing!

After a quick trip back to Sarah’s to grab a shower, I met Shaun for Lunch. We went to the Union and pie and donuts, which were seriously lacking in quality. After lunch, Helen and I went to Susie, Patrick, Josh, and Mia. There were all doing well and I had a great time playing cars with Josh.

Next it was back to Uni for drinks at Uni House. There we got to catch up with Matt and Nicole, Chucky and Meridith, Bec, some random guy, and Dave’s new girl Tam. From there many of us head to the Blue Elephant for some curry. I had the butter chicken and it was amazing.

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