Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another brick in the wall...

To finish the wall I stared a couple of weeks ago I needed to get something to cut some of the bricks in half for the ends. I went and bought an angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade. The only problem was the blade wasn't large enough to cut through the blocks. Luckily a few whacks with hammer and chisel separated the two halves and I could get building.

The completed wall

The area in front of the wall will get tidied up and then covered with weed-matt and bark chip. The rocks are going up on the hill to help fill in the small gully between the Lancewoods and the Pittosporum.

The front view. It is a little uneven, but good enough for me.

The fence palings weren't quite long enough by the new wall so I added some prosthetics to help seal up the gap. It looks a little funny, but if we ever get a dog then it won't be able to escape under the fence.

No more gaps!

As always Mifi was keeping an eye on things and helping out occasionally.

A very helpful Mifi

The clear plastic sheets in the garage roof were pretty much dead so we got someone to replace them this week. Now there are no more leaks in the garage.

Shiny new plastic bits

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