Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taming the garden

Another few days spent in the garden. Aaron created a rock feature out of the rocks that used to sit where the wall is now, and filled in a little gulley that used to be a path between our house and the neighbours before the fence and the stairs were put in. We also continued to plan some more stuff on the bank in the hope that at some point it will grow and fill in. Then in the afternoon we had some bark chip/mulch delivered and put it in the lower beds to help keep the weeds at bay - at least for a while.... Unfortunately the bank is too steep for the bark chip to stay on, so we are just going to have to rely on filling it in with plants instead.

The finished wall with bark chip in front

Aaron's rock feature.... needs a few more to fill it in

 Little boxes to go around the plants to stop him accidentally taking them out with the edger

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