Saturday, August 4, 2012

MacDonald Forest

Helen has returned to New Zealand so that she can go out to sea for two weeks. I am staying in Oregon for that time so I can enjoy some more of summer and ride my bicycle as much as possible.

My first proper ride was in the MacDonald Forest. This is where I first started mountain biking over 20 years ago. I managed to ride most of the old trails that I remembered plus a few new ones. I struggled a fair bit but part of that could have been the heat. The temperature managed to reach 40 degrees (a new record high for the day).

View of the Willamette Valley and Coast Range foothills from Dimple Hill

I rode up the Horse Trails to Lewisburg Saddle. Then down the other side of the saddle on Alpha. I manged to miss thhe turnoff I wanted and went a little futher down the other side of the saddle than I wanted to. I found a way back up to Extendo (we used to call it 'that trail we rode twice that one day'). From there I rode up to Dimple Hill. From the top of Dimple Hill, Dan's Trail took me back to where I started from.

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