Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mary's Peak

For today's ride I headed for Mary's Peak. This is another place I used to ride when I lived in Oregon. Back then we used to use two cars to shuttle to the top. Today, I had to ride to the top.

From the carpark I headed up a forest road to the start of the East Ridge Trail (what we used to call Mary's Peak Fast Trail). This is a beautiful trial with lots of old-growth Douglas Fir Trees.

Self-timer photo on the East Ridge Trail

The trail takes you up to the main carpark. From there an access road leads to the summit. At 4097 feet (1250 meters) Mary's Peak is the highest mountain in the Oregon Coast Range.

From the main carpark I took the North Ridge Trail back down to the car. We used to call this trail Mary's Peak Long Technical because is was longer and more tricky than the other trail. It has lots of roots and some tricky switchbacks to keep things interesting on the way down.

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