Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raoul Island - part II

Day two on the island, the rain had stopped, so we headed up and over the hill to the other side of the island, to Denham Bay. This was rather a steep walk with a couple of ropes to aid you down/up the Denham Bay side. It was great to get some decent exercise stretch our legs and explore the island a bit, especially the beautiful Nikau forest. I was keen to look down into the crater that erupted in 2006. You can still see the devastation of the eruption.

 Walking on the ridge through the Nikau forest

Looking down on to the 2 lakes: blue lake (left) and green lake (right) with the dead trees around the lake from the eruption

On the beach in Denham Bay there is the remnants of a Japanese fishing boat that grounded itself, some pumice from the pumice raft, and sadly quite a bit of rubbish on the beach. It seems our plastic rubbish can get to every remote region of the world.

 Looking down on Denham Bay

 Climbing down into Denham Bay

The japanese fishing trawler and lots of pumice on the beach

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