Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workshop in Zaragoza, Spain

I flew in to Zaragoza and met various people going to the same workshop as me on the plane - the poster tubes and the technical conversations gave them away... The meeting was being held in a hotel built on the N side of the river Ebro. It was a bit of a strange place surrounded by lots of other new buildings and space age bridges that were built for the 2008 world expo, but due to the economic crisis now sit empty. So it felt like we were in a bit of a ghost town as we were just out of the city itself. 
 The entrance to the Hotel Hiberus

The strange cable car that never runs and various buildings on the north side of the Ebro River

The pedestrian bridge/spaceship/art gallery

The main traffic bridge

We had 3 days of talks. It was good to hear what our European counterparts have been doing and I got some good feedback on what we aim to do in our equivalent project in the Southern Hemisphere. I met lots of people and hope to have developed some new collaborations.. 

After a couple of days trapped inside we were taken on 3 days of field trips to a range of different places around the city....more in following blogs. 

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