Sunday, June 15, 2014

Quick visit to UK

A few months ago I was invited to a workshop in Spain and managed to get some funding for the flights from the New Zealand Royal Society. After a long, long, long flight via Auckland, Brisbane, Dubai – I arrived in London and caught the bus to Coventry where I was met by Grandma and Grandad. Mum and Dad arrived the next day from Aberdeen and it was great to catch up with everyone, including Aunty Irene and Uncle Jim. Then Mum and Dad and I headed down to Paul and Thalia’s to see their new house and catch up with the kids. The house is almost finished... just a few minor things to be fixed and grass to grow. It looks great and it will be amazing when it is completely finished. I was especially jealous of the enormous larder and the kids playroom with it’s lego floor! Needless to say we played quite a bit of lego – especially as Hattie got some for her birthday. We also played a lot in the garden and went for a couple of nice walks with lunch at RAF Halton – an ex-Rothschild House.
Paul and Thalia's new house

It was nice to spend a few days seeing family and getting over jetlag – greatly helped by the fact that it stays light until 10pm. Thanks for the hospitality – I hope to return it one day when you come and visit us in New Zealand.

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