Monday, September 17, 2007

Dimple Hill

I headed back over to Corvallis this morning to ride another old favorite. I started out in Chip Ross Park and rode up to the summit. It is a pretty quick trip up a wide singletrack. It is a good thing the tracks are wide in this area, because it is infested with poison oak. When we used to ride around here when I was younger I would come home covered in it.

A short track down the other side takes you down to an intersection. I continued straight through it and into an old orchard. The track drops down to a logging road and then continues upward on a singletrack named Horse Trail. This track climbs up the side of Dimple Hill. It doesn't look very steep but it sure feels like it its. Horse Trail eventually dumps you out on a another logging road which leads to the top of Dimple Hill.

From the top it is a Dave Osmond 'all downhill from here' back to the car. Basically that means that it has several climbs along the way, but nothing too nasty. The The track isn't very technical, but it is pretty fast. Speeds of 40km/hour+ are common. I am really bad at stopping to take pictures when I am riding. I lost all my momentum on a sharp turn so I stopped take a picture.

These guys were heading up the track and added a nice bit of action to the photo.

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