Friday, September 14, 2007


I arrived in Oregon yesterday. The trip was pretty uneventful and I only had a slight delay leaving San Francisco due to fog.

Today, I managed to get the bicycle assembled and and take it for a test ride. I even had everything I needed, except the front brake, which arrived (via UPS) around lunchtime. After I got it all sorted I headed off to MacDonald Forest for a nice little test ride. Everything worked pretty well except the rear dérailleur - it is toast. I rode up a fire road for about 3km, which led to one of the first singletracks I ever rode. I don't really know the name of the track. My friend Casey and I always referred to it as 'The trail we rode twice that one time.' Because, the first time we rode it, we liked it so much we rode back up the hill and did it again.

The best part of the test ride was that my body even managed to work pretty well. I still feel pretty tired, but managed to get up the hill pretty comfortably. My knee felt a little funny (I smacked it pretty hard on our first trip to Ruapehu), but I was forced to take it easy on the climbs (because the chain kept slipping) so it should get eased back into use.

The weather has crapped out a bit. It even rained a bit today. It wasn't bad though. In fact it was probably pretty good that it was a bit cooler.

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