Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marys Peak

Today I headed up to Marys Peak. This was another regular ride when I used to live in Oregon. During the summer of 1993 my friends and I came up here at least twice a week. Back then we were shuttle bunnies and would take two cars so we wouldn't have to ride up the hill. I didn't have that luxury today so I had to do things a little differently.

I parked at the bottom of Marys Peak Long and Technical (aka North Ridge Trail) and rode an old fire road over to the bottom of Marys Peak Fast Trail (aka East Ridge Trail). As I started riding up Marys Peak Fast Trail I thought to myself "this is not nearly as fast going up."

I did however have more opportunities to enjoy the views. The track climbs gently up the ridge through a massive Douglas Fir forest. Everything was still pretty wet from the rain the night before and the smell was amazing. The track seemed to get rockier and steeper as it climbed up the side of the peak.

Marys Peak singletrack

The track emerges from the forest at a parking lot near the summit of the peak. From here I started down Marys Peak Long and Technical. This track got its name from the fact that it is longer than Marys Peak Fast Trail and much more difficult to ride. It is littered with rocks and roots which are nasty enough, but when they are wet they are completely diabolical. I managed to make it down in one piece, but I had to get off and walk several sections.

The track goes between the two trees in the center of the picture

I was amazed at how many times I thought to myself that this or that section looked familiar. I haven't been on this track in maybe 10 years, but parts of it felt like I had just been on it last week. Funny.

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