Friday, September 21, 2007

Waldo Lake

Finally a nice day! Good thing too, because I headed up into the high country. Waldo Lake sits at about 1800m in elevation. There is a track, open to mountain bikes, that circumnavigates the lake.

I started riding anticlockwise from the North Waldo Campground. The track went straight into the Taylor Burn, an area affected by fire in 1996. Not long after I started, I came around a corner to find a doe in the middle of the trail, and her fawn not far away. She wasn't too shy and I managed to take a picture.

The Taylor Burn and Waldo Lake Trail

I had some company on the trail today

The trail rolls along beside the lake for more than 30km. There were a few climbs, but nothing particularly long or steep. It did have its share of rocks and roots to keep things interesting. I managed to get some good views of the nearby volcanoes from various spots around the lake.

Middle and South Sister

Diamond Peak

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