Friday, September 11, 2009

Another night ride

Grant, one of my co-workers, lives up by Makara Peak. I rode home with him after work and then headed into the park. I rode up to Big Tom's Wheelie and then down Lazy Fern to the bottom of the park.

I decided to try something a little different and headed across to Salvation. This is a nice track that meanders up Wright's Hill. From there I followed the fence line around the Sanctuary to the start of Car Parts Extension. the light was fading but the track was open enough that I was still okay without the light on.

Once I reached the start of Car Parts, though, it was dark and overgrown enough that it was time to switch the light on. I really like Car Parts. It is a fast and flowing track with just enough tricky bits to keep your heart pumping. The light wasn't totally necessary but it definitely helped out in a few places.

After Car Parts I crossed the road and jumped onto he Rollercoaster. This is just fire trail with a few jumps built on it. I took the nana lines around all but the easiest jumps as I don't really like to leave the ground that much. At the bottom of the Rollercoaster I jumped onto Choppers from some rutted switchback fun.

From Aro Valley I went through town and up Marjoriebanks Street to Mount Vic. I scared some poor woman with the brightness of my light on the main fire trail. I scooted down the other side and home without any more hassles.

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