Thursday, September 10, 2009

Belmont Regional Park

To recover from Saturday’s ride I went for another mountain bike ride. This time with Bec and we went a little further north to Belmont Regional Park.

The ride started out with a really fun cruisy climb up the Korokoro Stream valley. We then took the track up to Oakleigh Street. From there we rode along the road to the start of the Old Coach Road.

From there we made our way to Belmont Trig (457m). The track down was pretty interesting: steep and loose, but not as bad as yesterday. We descended to the Horokiwi Valley. The track follows another stream down the valley for a few kilometres. By follow I mean beside, through and in the stream. We ended up with very soaked feet.

The track eventually hooked back up with the one we rode in on. This was again a gentle stroll back to the car. We made in back in almost exactly three hours.

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