Monday, September 28, 2009

Visiting Julia and Chris in Vancouver/Portland

After a couple of lovely sunny days in the valley we headed up to Vancouver/Portland to visit Julia and Chris. This coincided with a dramatic change in the weather with a significant drop in temperature and heavy rain. Given we were going to get wet whatever outdoor activity we chose Julia and Chris suggested we go white water kayaking.

So we loaded up their car with several boats and drove up the Columbia River valley to the Salmon River. This is a fairly easy river with grade 1/2 rapids - perfect for Aaron who had never been white water kayaking before.

The car loaded up with boats!

The first few rapids were more of a grade 2 than a grade 1 - so it was a little terrifying to begin with - especially for Aaron, but I had not been on white water for quite a few years! Julia had persuaded me that I would have much more fun in a play boat than in a white water boat and despite my objections she had loaded up the play boat. The increased maneouvarability and the "tippyness" of the play boat led to a bit of a swim after the first rapid! We were wearing dry cags and pants - but it was cold!

Aaron coming down a rapid with Julia shouting instructions from the eddy

Julia and Chris coached us down the river - Julia shouting instructions and Chris demonstrating the instructions. Aaron eventually got the hang of breaking in and breaking out of the main flow into the eddies. I think he even started to enjoy himself! I also got the hang of the play boat and didn't swim any more of the rapids!

Julia and Chris (our instructors)

Helen and Aaron

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