Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mount Kaukau to Red Rocks

Saturday I met up with Josh for what turned out to be another epic ride. I left home about 1:00PM to meet Josh at Kandallah Park at 2:00PM. From there we carried our bikes up to the top of Mount Kau Kau. From there the ride was pretty similar to the one I did a couple weeks ago. Except this time instead of taking the singletrack option after Wright’s Hill we turned right and headed for the coast.

The road climbs a fair bit from the intersection by the windmill up to the turn off to the Tip Track and Red Rocks. I was getting pretty tired by this point and the “final” hill to the start of Red Rocks took me a while to complete.

But then the downhill began. At the start it was fast fire-trail that quickly deteriorated into fist sizes boulders and steep grades. There were a few pinch climbs to negotiate that drove home the fact that I had been riding for nearly four hours all ready. One was so bad I had to walk it.

The final descent is ridiculously steep with and covered with large jagged rocks. Even if I wasn’t exhausted I doubt I could have ridden it. I struggled just to walk down the last bit. But it was over quickly and soon we were smashing it back to civilization. Josh was getting picked up and I need to get home before it got dark.

I reached home about 6:15PM as it was just getting pretty dark. All up it was about 5.25 hours and maybe 60km. I laid on the couch the rest of the evening and was in bed around 9:00PM.

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